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Raspberry Pi Arrived

Yesterday, the Raspberry Pi arrived from Amazon. My son was excited and wanted to start on it right way, but be had other things to do. Looking though the manual, I was impress at the options and it looks fairly easy to put together. After reading through the manual, I am glad that has WiFi on board. Before it came, I was watching some Rasberry Pi videos and the videos only mentioned an Ethernet hookup.

The kit was very easy to put together, the instructions where helpful with the combination of the booklet and the online video. There seems to be plenty of vents for air flow with to heat sink for the two major chips on the circuit board. The case has many labels to indicate inputs and outputs available on the Raspberry Pi 3.

After the case was put together, I connected the keyboard, mouse, monitor & power supply. The SD card goes on the underside of the case with the metal contacts of the card face up. That way, it makes an easy connection to the circuit board.

Once all the connections were made, I plugged in the power cord and it booted up in to the install screen. It has the option to connect to WIFI and download other software. I decided to go the safe install route and go with the version that came on the SD  card. It took awhile to install. Once done, it rebooted and then it loaded the GUI Desktop. Right away, my son was impressed and started working on a  Scratch project. The version of Scratch was 1.4 that came with software package, so I will need to find out how to upgrade Scratch.

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