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When we move from computer to computer and not each one has the same software or configuration, PortableApps can help in proving a section of apps (programs) that can provide a verity of tools to get things done. PortableApps was originally designed to be installed on a USB thumb drive and have been expanded to be installed in the cloud, such as Google Drive, DropBox and M+Box. In many work environments, the selection of software available is made by the IT department based on cost and what the IT department is willing to support. Then often the IT department will lock down your computer so that you cannot install additional software and provide you will better tools.

PortableApps comes with suite of apps that are all free to use and often better than the typical software package available on a PC. The ones that I typically use are Google Chrome, Thunderbird, FireZilla, PuTTY, IrfanView, GIMP and VLC Media Player. There is also LibreOffice Portable available, but it is a large install. It is a great Microsoft Office alternative.

Portable Apps Menu

Portable Apps Menu

Portable Apps Directory

Portable Apps Directory

The PortableApps has a familiar menu that is located on the right hand side of the screen with a list of apps installed and ready to use. Also when PortableApps was installed, additional folders for documents, music and pictures are also created and they will live in  the folder below of where PortableApps was installed. To install new apps, click on the Apps icon -> Get More Apps -> By Category. It will create a directory of Apps available to download and install. then check the boxes of your choice. The download and the installation my take some time depending on your internet connection and where your files live.

Then on start up of Portable Apps, then program will ask you if you want to update any of the installed software. This is particularly useful because you have the option of always using the most update version of the app.

Portable Apps Backups

Portable Apps also provide a useful backup tool that you can either back up everything on your drive, back up only the applications or just what is in your Portable Apps Documents directory. This then saves the back up in your desired location as a compressed file. Of course, it has the feature of restoring a backup from a file. This way you can store a back up in the cloud and then retrieve it is needed. Again, depending on your set up, this can take some time and a good opportunity step away from the computer and stretch. Then once the back up has been completed, you can move that file to the cloud, such as Google Drive. The advantage of keeping back ups in the cloud is that they can be downloaded from the cloud if you are at a different computer.



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